How did Groupon do it!?!

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They built 7 million Merchant websites overnight .... well, over-months.

Groupon announced Wednesday that they are now live with their new consumer facing Offers Site. Essentially creating a Groupon site that is powered by 7 million brand new freshly built, personalized, Merchant branded one-page websites. Bravo!

"But why didn't they build Pages for the balance of the 23 million Merchants they have content for in their databases?"

"Because it’s really hard to do. And they probably put years into building an internal proprietary system to stuff the Merchant content from their databases right into these Pages."

Basically the new Groupon Offers site is a copy of YELP’s site. Good move or not, it is still a monumental accomplishment to build 7million+ one page websites, with branding, content and copy specific to each individual Merchant. At initial glance, it looks like the the Pages include photos, tag-lines, hours of operation, maps/direction, logos and of course offers on each Merchant’s page. As well as options for conversion widgets like BookNow, Schedule, Click-to-Call, etc. And the Pages are of responsive design, so they show optimized content for each screen type (online, tablet, mobile, Apps, etc.)

We don’t have a specific view into how they did this at scale, but do know that there is at least one proven tech platform that will do the same for any Publisher that has access to Merchant content. These platforms pull the content directly off the web or out of a Publishers Database, and build it straight into any permutation of high performance templates, then rendered as branded sites. Once published, the new sites are responsive, giving that Publisher’s Merchants a compelling online, mobile and social presence that can be organized on a directory site like Yelp and GroupOn have done, and/or to be let loose to run free across the web and mobile ecosystem.

With new automated site creation technology, the Groupons’ of the world, could take the same content and instantly create Video Ad Units, Display Ad Units, LeadGen pages, Multi-Location sites, and Store Locator sites. These platforms allow Merchants to claim their pages to add/correct their business information, or allow internal editors to manage the content, look, feel, and conversion tools across all Merchant sites at the same time, or individually site by site.

For anyone that wants to do their own version of what Groupon did, the technology is now there today to make it instant, seamless and of mass scale. The boost in traffic and potential leadgen/content syndication deals are also a delicious reason to get in the game.

Congrats to Groupon for accomplishing such a mass-scale play via a ton of heavy lifting.

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EVO Partners With Local Market Launch to Bring Online Presence Management to

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EVO Media Group, Inc. (EVO), today announced a partnership to integrate Local Market Launch's business listings management and local presence solutions into EVO's flagship platform,, a private-labelled online/mobile presence platform. The integrated solution will enable EVO's agency and publisher partners to easily manage merchant online presence and reputation on Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Google Places and Yahoo.

"Today, our clients use our platform and automated site creation tools to acquire SMBs at an accelerated pace," said Mark Michael, co-founder and co-president, EVO Media Group, Inc. "Local Market Launch's business listings management and reputation product extends the value of using our high-conversion web and mobile sites, significantly lowering traditional churn rates-a win-win for all."

"We are delighted to be working with EVO to bring Local Market Launch's business listings management and local presence solutions to DevHub partners and users," said Brian Coryat, founder and CEO, Local Market Launch. "This partnership is a great example of how our technology can easily integrate with and enhance a diverse set of digital marketing solutions."

Domestic and international marketers use the turnkey DevHub solution to rapidly build and manage responsive websites, multi-location franchise pages and mobile sites on high-conversion themes that increase the value of their existing service offerings.

DevHub's proprietary migration tool allows agencies, directories and other publishers to seamlessly move their existing clients' web and mobile sites onto the DevHub platform in one simple process to gain significant production efficiencies, quality, margin, conversion, and to access the other marketing tools within DevHub.

In addition to Local Market Launch, the platform is integrated with Optimizely for enhanced lead gen analytics. 

About Local Market Launch 

Local Market Launch delivers business listings management and local presence solutions for national brands, multi-location businesses, franchises, and local SMBs through a growing network of channel partners, including directory publishers, newspaper publishers, broadcast media companies, digital media agencies and certified marketing representatives (CMRs). Learn more at

About EVO Media

Founded in 2007, the EVO Media Group, Inc. (EVO) is a profitable venture-backed company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The founders have multiple successful exits to their name and the company's list of growing clients includes enterprise-level companies across Yellow Pages/directory, national agency, pay-per-call, and digital marketing sectors. EVO supports its clients' evolving offerings through a dedicated professional services team and by partnering with other digital marketing solution providers that enhance its solution set. Learn more at

DevHub Beta Invite

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We’ve been busy over here at DevHub, and are excited to let you know about some of the new features that we’ll be rolling out soon. We’re still working hard to get everything ready for our official launch, but wanted to personally invite a select few of our valued users to participate in our pre-release beta program.

If you’re interested in gaining early access to the new and improved DevHub,

Here are a few things you can look forward to on our new and improved platform:

Effortlessly create a mobile specific website along side your desktop website. DevHub will now offer you the tools to build a mobile version of your website to optimize your visitors experience no matter where they visit you online.

Claim your business profile on all of today’s most popular social media and directory platforms. From our centralized dashboard, you’ll will be able manage all your profiles in a snap. Did you relocate to a new address, or have new hours of operation? Update your information once, and DevHub will make sure all your online profiles reflect the change.

Reputation management. When someone leaves feedback on any of your social media profiles, you’ll be alerted right from the admin panel on DevHub. This allows you to better engage your visitors, and thank them for the positive feedback (or help resolve any problems they may have experienced).

Access to powerful analytics and reporting so you can keep track of your website’s performance.

These new features are going to save you a lot of time and effort managing your online presence! Think of it as a way to future proof your online presence.

Have questions? Email us at, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.

We know you’ll enjoy the upgraded DevHub, the right way to do local!

Sign up for the Beta

- The DevHub Team

How we ended up in the private label business

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This article written by DNW (Domain Name Wire) outlines our history and how we started in the website private label market.

With 26 white label customers, DevHub is ready to broaden its market.

It is reopening the DevHub platform directly to end users who want to create sites. It already has one million domains on its direct platform that have been created over the years. About 10% of those are completed sites in which the owners log in to make updates each month. DevHub hopes to grow that number while also charging for its platform.

It’s also offering a more affordable white label solution starting at $249 that is targeted at agencies and smaller web developers. Additionally, it’s expanding its services to mobile and Facebook.

Exciting updates coming to your dashboard (screenshot)

October 17, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

Updates coming to DevHub consumer product and DevHub private label.

Printing Facebook

July 11, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

Our parent company EVO Media Group is about to announce the launch of the highly anticipated product Yearly Leaf a way to print Facebook.

DevHub ranked among Top 100

July 9, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

We made the Seattle Startup Top 100 List by Startup City for July 2012.

Small businesses need Presentation products

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Over the last couple of years, a variety of companies have launched applications that offer free web publishing.  They all imply that they are the best of the "New Era of Web Publishing," allowing the average person to build websites at no charge.  
Although the concept of free and easy web publishing is desperately needed, each company has taken a somewhat different approach to their applications.
This year we (DevHub) is launching our solution for on e-commerce, Facebook pages and mobile website's for small businesses. "This added functionality has been supplied to our private label partners for just over a year, explains Mark Michael Co-founder. Now is the time for small businesses to be empowered to control thier presentation onlin i.e. how they look across the web, mobile and off-line."

For more information Join DevHub. Or you can reach us at info (at) devhub dot com.

Please show your support for DevHub today by voting for us on the Chase Mission:Small Business website

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The June 30th deadline is fast approaching and we need just 250 votes to qualify. To

vote for DevHub:


1. Go to

2: Click the Blue "Log In and Support" Button using your Facebook Account. (Lower Right)


You will be presented with another log in button.

3. Click the Blue "Log In with Facebook" button.


You will be logged in to the Mission small business portal.


4: Find the SEARCH box lower left of the page and Search for DevHub.


5: Click the Blue "Vote" Button. (Lower Right)

DevHub Offers SMB’s Easy Ecommerce Solution

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At DevHub, we take our customer’s experience and transaction security seriously.
And keeping that in mind while we put the finishing touches on our new e-commerce product for small to medium businesses is how we’ll out-perform our competitors.

DevHub e-commerce is targeted at users who want to sell a basic inventory of 1-24 products online without the hassles they can experience setting up the typical e-commerce store. We deliberately focused on making the process simple and fun so that entry into the online commerce business was easy for anyone.

An additional feature that simplifies the set-up process and adds extra security is the ability to share a SSL checkout page. This eliminates the expense of purchasing an individual certificate and offers our customers instant online integrity.